Working in IT? Resume is the First Step to Boost a Career!

You may have seen tons of IT resume examples online. This specialty is pretty specific. So, how to impress an employer and get an interview?

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Generate the Best Resume

For any IT specialist resume is a fundamental part of the job-seeking process. You may be discouraged when getting refused another time. Sometimes it's about the experience, or qualification, etc. But maybe this time you've completely failed a pre-interview process? What about reviewing the paper before communicating with a prospective employer? Or some "digging" first, refreshing a resume sample?
Since this field becomes more progressive and challenging, it’s really hard to find even a job on an entry-level. IT resume writers have to put many efforts to stand out. You may ask someone to complete a paper on your behalf. There are lots of services, or you can devote precious time to create something personal. So, where to start what to write about in your resume?

Looking for IT Resume Objective

What’s the difference between the IT project manager resume and a sample of autobiography? A person, who wants to get hired, will use every opportunity to show his or her value to a potential boss. You need to think clearly before going to the educational and career part of a document.
There are some core principles to consider:
#1 The objective is a statement of your career goals, reflecting your past as a driving point for future challenges;
#2 It should match a particular position – for IT manager resume is about administration and proper organizing of a work process; on the contrary, the software engineer must show technical skills and problem-solving;
#3 Use a short structure – 30-50 words is enough;
#4 No first-person pronouns – like “I can”, “I am”, “I look for”, etc.
Most people, hired by Microsoft, Amazon and other international corporations, don't use an objective as a big part to focus attention on. They state it as a trigger to make a recruiter read your paper extensively and want to call you.
!!! What you should avoid – talking about previous achievements only. Be in present – what you can add to the company’s success from the moment they’ll hire you? Speak in "value" terms to be way ahead of other seekers.
An objective must be a priority when applying for a managing position. Take the IT director resume, for example. You need to show the ability to be responsible and mentoring, inspire people to work harder on a project and get real satisfaction from their job. So, try to compose a few sentences and read them an hour later. Be laconic, and then go straight to other sections.

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What About Your Skills?

Let’s say you work in IT support. A resume is a way to confide other people in your competence. So, what skills should you mention?
1. Windows OS, Mac OS, and Microsoft Office;2. Mainly, computer servers you used to work with;3. Soft skills (tell them you're a great communicator, you can solve conflict situations and have advanced analytical expertise).
Soft skills can be your way to a job-changing. Even with zero experience in IT, you should use them to express potential and, again, a value you'll bring to a company.
You may consider the position of IT consultant. In that case, resume has to show you as an open-minded applicant, who is capable to deal with different issues. On the contrary to desktop support, you need to have some sales experience to convince people and not overwhelm them with tons of characteristics.

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Additional Education

Another tricky part, for example, when you're creating an IT technician resume, is additional education. You got an objective, nailed your grade and mentioned some of the work experience. An employer must be sure you’re ready to develop all the time. To know the new tendencies and perspectives you have to show learning potential.

So, when is the best time to list your certificates and how to do that?

· Choose the most relevant ones;
· Explain the acronyms, so the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would be able to process the resume and it’ll be easier for a hiring manager;
· Check if something you want to point as a certificate wasn’t a training, award or online course.

IT Resume Template: Did We Miss Something?

There are so many great examples online, just don’t get distracted when choosing design and font size. Pay attention to how people describe their previous achievements and express their qualifications. It’s also important to know if this person got a job or not.
#1 Depending on the desired position, you still need a structure. Try to find the best sample IT resume can be taken from. It’s okay to feel a lack of inspiration, and you’re not supposed to jump over your head.
#2 Organize the main sections on 1, maximum 2 pages in a PDF format. Take care of a good picture, educational and experience part, list the skills and hobbies if they’re related to a job.
#3 Remember about using active verbs only. You'll automatically make a resume more alive and interesting. If you see IT resume templates with tons of passive voice, don’t repeat this mistake.
There are so many ways to reach for a promotion or get a higher salary, but there’s only one reliable way to get a dream job – sending a strong resume. As the recruiter won’t see you in person, you should create a document, which will speak and prove you’re worthy employee, aimed to bring success to a company.

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Good luck in a job-hunting!