How Long a Professional Resume Should Be?

How long should a resume be? This is the number one question every job hunter has. Not long ago career experts persuaded us that a one-page document is enough, while some job seekers are told to build longer application documents. So, where is the truth? Here are the best tips on how long a resume should be and how to win the competition.

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How Long Should a Resume Be for a Professional?

Criteria for resume length have been changing over the years. Here is the new guideline for those who want to know how long should a professional resume be. 
In 2019 career coaches say that an application document should be long enough to grab the recruiters’ attention and make them want to call you for an interview. It may sound vague but the reality is that there is no perfect length suitable for every job seeker. 

How Long Should a College Resume Be?

As it was already mentioned, the length of the document should be based on your work experience and the type of job you are looking for. So, if you are a recent graduate trying to land your first job with little or no work experience, consider creating a smaller document with the help of the resume services online. Many grads ask how long should a resume be for a college student. A one-page resume would be perfect when: - You have less than 7-10 years of work experience.- You had only one position so far.- You are looking for a career change and don’t have relevant experience.
You need to combine various factors before you decide about the length, including the information about career objective, work experience, occupation, education and scope of accomplishments.

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How Long Should a Federal Resume Be?

In other cases, a longer document may be a better idea. A two-page application document would be more suitable when:

- Your work experience is 10+ years.
- You work in the field that requires engineering or technical skills, so you need extra space to include your technical knowledge.

Play with Font and Size

If you have enough work experience and relevant information you want to mention in your document, you might find that some data overflow on the next page.  What can you do? The easiest way to shorten your document while keeping all the necessary information is to play with its font and size. For instance, change the 12-point font to 11-point or make the headings a bit smaller.
Keep it Relevant You don’t have to submit the same long resume for every position you apply. Make sure you carefully read through the job description and requirements referred to each position. Check the recommendations on what to put on a resume. After that, you may want to eliminate or add certain elements of your document in order to make it tailored to each particular job listing. Change Spacing Another great way to save some space for important information is to play with the spacing of your application document. If you have two spaces between every heading, you may change it to one space. Moreover, you can use another font as some fonts come smaller than others. For instance, Times New Roman font is smaller than Arial.

All in all, there is no perfect resume length that will be suitable for everyone. You may search about how long should a resume summary be but still the length of the resume will depend on several factors. Depending on your level of expertise and work experience, you can choose the best option and make a resume that will outshine the competition and win you a job interview.