How to Add Special Appeal to Resume?

How to make your resume catching for the HR managers or potential employers. Follow 5 simple, but effective tips listed in the article.

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5 Ways to Add Special Appeal to Your Resume

Resume writing is not the easiest thing job hunters face during the application process. It requires time, concentration, creativity and the idea that your resume will give the first impression about you and your professional skills. The recruitment managers scan resumes on average for only six seconds to understand if they want that candidate for interview.

So, to add the wow factor to your application document, read our advice.

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#1 Well-Aimed Top

From the beginning it's important to direct the hiring manager's thoughts into the right way. Let him understand what's your aim. So, he looks at the top and see:

- Title. It should say about the job position you desire or about special skills and experience you have. For example, if you apply for the position of the experienced programmer, the headline "5-year Experienced Programmer" will surely attract recruiter's attention.
- Goals or summary. At the top you also can put the sentence that will say why exactly you are good for this job. Perform the main skills or express your goals.

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#2 Sell Your Skills

Your skills are your best value. You have to describe them reasonably. Add what abilities you gained at the previous places of work and how they became your benefit.

While naming the everyday responsibilities you had, don't forget to summarize your experience and mention the results of your work, the points you achieved. Use statistic data and numbers, they always create an impression of clearly verified information.

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#3 Avoid Hackneyed Words

Checking the huge amounts of information every day the hiring managers see the same buzzwords like “responsible”, “enthusiastic” and “excellent”. They may even pay no attention to them.

Instead of writing these common interview words, choose the ones that will be tied to results and belong to the active language. And be honest with the employer not to look like a fool when you won’t be able to coincide with your resume.

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#4 Share Your Social Networks

The social media reputation can be your advantage if you manage the content responsibly.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts can say a lot about people. Having many followers, inspirational posts and notes about your experience will show you in the best light.

You can also add the links to your resume. Thus, you will show that you are up-to-date and have nothing to be ashamed of.

#5 Formatting Matters

As already mentioned, the recruiters track the resume only for 6 seconds. So, your main goal is to make it as simple as possible and express all the thoughts clearly.

Why only 6 seconds? The hiring manager is looking only for the main information: your name, job title, previous companies you worked. The quicker he is aware of these points, the more chances he will look through all the details of your resume. So, it’s highly important to create the resume in the way to make this data be easily found.

Ask some people to have a look at your resume and give you feedback about formatting. Also, be attentive to grammar and spelling mistakes.

Compose the resume and then check it in some time, you will see if there are any mistakes at once. They can be minor ones, but make the difference.