The following terms and conditions legally bind and oblige the visitors, users, and clients of ResumeRates.com. This information is provided to inform the uses of the terms and conditions that regulate the actions of clients using the website. Every time you visit the ResumeRates you agree to the terms and conditions below. You also agree to the terms on the Privacy Policy page.

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Glossary of Terms

Parties using the Website
1. You, Your, You’re – the website’s visitors.
2. We, Our, Ours, Us – people maintaining the website: employees, managers, owners and such. 

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Site Content

Content – written text, document, image, webpage, audio and video files placed on the site.
Our content - text, document, image, webpage, audio and video files that are produced, owned and promoted by the website.
User Content - text, document, image, webpage, audio and video files that the user publishes.
Third Party Content - text, document, image, webpage, audio, and video files that are provided by the institution not connected with the website. These are the ad posting websites. 

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Changing the Terms and Conditions

ResumeRates.com is free to change the terms and condition below when necessary. Any changes will be conducted without further warning. As soon as the changes are conducted, they are legally binding from that moment on. The next time the users visit the website they’ll be obliged to follow the altered terms and conditions. 

Allowed Users 

Users of 18 and more years are allowed to visit, use, access information. All the users visiting the website must seek academic or professional purpose only. Therefore they are forbidden to access the website for commercial purposes. 18 years is the legal age which allows visitors to use the website and be regulated by the terms and conditions.
Competing websites are forbidden to access this site to avoid plagiarism. When noticed to have been collecting our content, we will act immediately and note the authorities.
All the visitors accessing the website do this at their own risk and responsibility. The users should know that if they post anything that is fake, illegal, offensive or plagiarized, they will answer before the law.

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Actions to Do in Case the Website Closes or Changes Its Functions

ResumeRates.com is free to change any aspect of the website whenever it’s necessary. We can also stop the website’s work and all current operations. If this happens, we will make an announcement accessible by all the users. The changes will be in effect at the moment when the announcement is made. 

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Publishing Posts and Comments

In order to prevent the website content from being misused, the visitors are forbidden to share it. Users are forbidden from promoting their own content through our website. 

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How much of the user’s content does the website own?

Your content can be used for commercial purposes. Your content can also be used and attributed by other website’s users. By visiting our website you agree to the above conditions.

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Are RSS and Atom Feeds Available?

ResumeRates.com provides its own RSS and Atom feeds that are free to be utilized by the website’s users. The condition of doing so is to give our brand the credit. Depending on the website’s discretion the feeds may appear or disappear anytime. The feed may be used for the academic or professional purposes only.

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Understanding this Document

All of the users when visiting the website become aware of what actions they can and cannot conduct on the website. ResumeRates.com may disclose your information to third party institutions for ad or payment purposes. Any user who breaks the law in the country where they reside will be prosecuted.

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Indemnifying ResumeRates.com

As the ResumeRates’ user, you must always conduct your actions and interactions on the website in a harmless way. The website will not witness in any legal cases unless necessary.
ResumeRates is regulated by the Millennium Digital Copyright Act. Anyone who breaks the Act’s regulations will be fined and prosecuted.

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