Resume Prime Service Review

Resume Prime is a strong player on the market of CV writing services. But what the benefits you will get and is it worth to use their services? Let's discuss.

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Resume Prime Review

Resume Prime is a strong player on the market of CV writing services. WIth wide expertise and experience, it attracts customers aiming to get on the top of various scopes and ergo in need of applications that present them as the appropriate specialists.
The service offers custom resume writing that will be an efficient instrument in any application toolkit regardless of the level, industry or the desired place of employment. The company states that its goal is to assist its clients in making professional progress.
We analyzed many Resume Prime reviews which their customers left around the Web to define if the company offers correspond with the services they actually provide. Our evaluation covers all significant aspects so you can complete your own picture of the online CV assistance provider and decide if it can fulfill market needs in general and yours in particular.

Let’s explore Resume Prime features step by step.

What Company Offers 

The main goal of this service provider is to help candidates achieve the prime spot on the career path regardless of the direction and current distance to the set destination. To any order is taken a custom approach but all of them are classified by one of six categories:  
Professional. To be a pro it means to be a proven expert. The company writers know how long such a resume should be not to be put away due to the limited time for reading.

Entry-level. Gives a practical answer to how beneficially present the amount of experience that is usually counted as insufficient. Student. A job isn’t the only place where perfect admission forms are required. That’s why Resume Prime also covers college and different program applications. Executive. Management level jobs require not only strong hard skills but also developed certain soft skills that should definitely be shown in an application and then during an interview.
Military. This scope has a specific hiring process and requirements to candidates that not always familiar with them. The service resolves in advance the undesired consequences. Federal. Selecting vacancies with the top level of responsibility means showing the attention to details starting from a resume. The provider’s writers know which ones should be highlighted. Resume prime understands the cover letter importance as well as other aspects that now are taking into consideration by HRs and recruiters. That’s why they don’t limit the assistance to resume only and can help fix related presentation remedies like LinkedIn profile.

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The whole process regardless of the paid plan includes:

Discovery Phase.
A customer should fill out a more comprehensive survey than in an order placement form so a team member will be able to provide the expected result.

Proofreading. Even if the services provided within the claimed shortest period (48 hours) it’s stated that this stage of resume writing is done on the appropriate level.

A client doesn’t suppose to take the initial results. They can provide feedback so writers can improve or more specialize a resume.

Order Fulfillment. When no issues are found anymore a writer sends out a completed resume that can be requested anytime if it’s been lost or occasionally misplaced.

Visibility and Customer Service

Transparency is one of the most significant factors when it comes to services. Otherwise, you’re just buying a cat in a bag. Resume Prime considers the competition and presents enough examples of the completed work to comprehend what you can expect from their writers.

The ordering process is straightforward and quick. FAQ section has answers to more specific questions that make it more informative than usual. Terms and privacy conditions are presented.
However, some information is missing like company facts including a support line operating hours.

The customer service team can be reached via a chatbot on a website, a contact form or a total-free number. It’s polite and quite helpful. With writers, clients communicate directly via email or phone within stipulated hours.

Prices and Payment Options

The range is between $110 and $230 for orders fulfilled within 72 hours. The maximum is asked for each of three specific categories and justified by their complexity. For quicker performance and extended services are stipulated additional fees.

In comparison to other market offers the prices are a bit higher than average and can’t be described as affordable for people with a small budget. Giving that their customers on a job hunt can be a crucial factor for them.

The discount system is available but isn’t too clear especially for new customers. Some discounts can be received for the first order or subscribing for a newsletter but their amount and distribution is questionable as well as the loyalty program for returning customers.

All payment operations can be done with the most popular credit or debit cards as well as the top online system Paypal. Any of them should be fully executed in advance.

Quality and Confidentiality

If judging only by samples they have some areas to improve. Perhaps, the company didn’t want to seem perfect which always induces suspiciousness or avoid misuse of content. But writing mistakes concerning the language aren’t that alarming as the level of resumes that don’t quite reach the stated one.

Resume Prime states that no personal data will be shared with third parties or used for other purposes besides order related. However, it's better to avoid sharing identification info even if you need to provide it in a resume - it can be added later.

The total score of the service evaluation is not the highest since the service doesn’t quite keep the price-quality balance and leaves a few informational gaps that can’t be cleared only with customer support. However, client reviews say that they are able to do a quality job.

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