Step-by-Step Guide to Craft a Military Resume

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How to Create a Military Resume

Are you on the path to post-military employment? Then chances are your military resume can open doors to prospective opportunities. The trick is yet to capture the many skills and talents you’ve gained in a way that clearly conveys the value you bring to the table. For those who are just starting out and have no experience in the resume-writing, that could be a tough gig. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the job becomes easier for those who’ve done that before.
No matter the experience, here are some important things to learn before diving deeper into military resume-writing.

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Challenges of Writing a Military to Civilian Resume

Writing military to civilian resume becomes more complicated when it comes to translating your skills. Why? Well, it’s all about focus. Most military to civilian job seekers have one common mistake on their resume – they shift the focus. Remember, your resume is not about who you were rather on who you want to be. The goal is to show how you can transfer your skills and accomplishments that fit the civilian job. That is the difference that can lead to a better interview. 
Without a doubt, finding the right words to describe the right picture of how you want to be perceived in the market is tough. That’s where military resume examples would be a huge help. Think of your resume as a powerful marketing tool. Obviously, different resume examples will look quite different from one another but do not fret. Do research to find your own impressive way to engage and show how well you can fit in with the company.

Remember most of the world doesn’t even imagine what you went through. So, if you don’t want to target the wrong things, learn how to write a resume that gets interviews. When it comes to the resume objective, here’s an example that makes a difference.

The difference between these two is huge. Why the bad example is really bad? Well, it doesn’t give civilian hiring managers an idea of what that means.

professional resume services

Need Help? Ask for Assistance 

Whether you write or yourself or enlist assistance, preparation is key. It’s your first step on the way to the civil transition. Well, there are tons of military resume examples relevant to the industry you’re applying to. You might even learn dozens of them but you’re still lost. And that’s nothing to worry about. Figuring out what skills to put on your resume is one of the hardest things to do. It can be somewhat arcane, aggravating and time-consuming. Yet, don’t dampen your spirits as you can always get assistance from military resume writers. 
No matter the reason, certified professional experts can ease your resume writing pain. When making the jump from a military to a civilian job, the expert writers can help you succeed. With firsthand knowledge of the challenges you face, crafting a professional resume becomes a smooth track. Aren’t sure what career field you would like to pursue? Let professional writers help you narrow your choices. 
The best thing is that you might have several variations of your resume. Without a doubt, you have several skills that might be valuable. Say, it’s procurement, IT, distribution, management, or leadership. Who knows maybe your ‘helping hands’ have saved the lives? That’s why trying to highlight different aspects of your skillset would be smart. 
You can also use some examples to take an easy way out in resume writing. Even if you’re not the perfect fit for an engineering position, learn the right way to create the right picture of who you are.

How to Find What Military to Civilian Job Fits Right up for You

For those who seek a career in criminal justice, crafting a military police resume would be smart. Indeed, having a relatively clean past with no criminal record can add you points right from the start. If you’re still unsure whether a career as a police officer is right for you, check whether you’re up for it. Indeed, a perfect resume that increases your chances to land an interview. If you want your resume to shoot up to the top, learn some federal resume secrets with examples first. Take the time to enhance your resume making it easier for civilians to relate to it.  
All in all, no matter what job you’re seeking for when transitioning back into the civilian workforce, having a resume translated to civilian terminology is key. Think there’s no problem? Think again. Here is an idea of why using the military to civilian resume translator is important.
 ExampleLed 10-person combat team through five successful missions – MilitaryHere is how the same sentence will sound in civilian: Managed 10-person team in a fast-paced environment while meeting all organizational goals.
Skills acquired in the military might be some of the best skills for a resume. Your task is to make sure that the message is conveyed to the recruiter in the right approach. Ready to try yourself at translating your skills? Here’s what you need to do:
#1 Choose your industry and reacquire yourself with resume skills needed. Pay attention to soft skills, technical skills, licenses, certifications and the like;#2 Compile your list of skills;#3 Now compare the two lists – your skill list and a prospective job description skill list;#4 Find the matches and emphasize skills that are desired.
Focus on your resume first. Try to make sure it is easy to read and understand by people who’ve never entered military service. If done right, you get a compelling marketing document that showcases your value and entices a recruiter to take action. 

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The most important thing to remember is time. As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. The same here, the earlier you start preparing yourself for civilian employment, the better.